Hymns of Thanksgiving

(I know it’s a bit late to still be talking about Thanksgiving, but I couldn’t get a good Internet connection until now!)

“We plow the fields, and scatter
The good seed on the land….”

Those lines on Semicolon’s blog immediately brought the tune of the hymn to my mind, and reminded me to bring out the hymn booklets I made a few years ago as a way to bring the family together before the Lord later on Thanksgiving Day, after we have eaten the bounty for which we gave thanks.

Another hymn in that small collection is “We Gather Together,” which always reminds me of the children’s book Cranberry Thanksgiving. I read that so many times I got sick of it and gave it away, with regrets following. The story tells of love generated among hostile neighbors over turkey dinner and singing of that hymn together.

A recipe for cranberry bread is a focus of the tale, and I’m sure it made for some vicarious experience for our children, who didn’t eat cranberry bread, or any bread for that matter, at Thanksgiving. In our house it was pies, pies, and pies, with the cranberries found in a big bowl of homemade sauce.

This year was my first Thanksgiving celebration not in California, as we are at Eldest Daughter’s house on the East Coast. But thanks to a blogging friend’s reminder, I brought those hymn booklets with me for a taste of home. We sang with at least as much cheer and gusto as the fictional characters!

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