Surprise South American Doll

I have made a few dolls in my lifetime, and my plan is to make at least a few more if God gives me the years. I’ll have to drum up the discipline myself, to go with my imagination. In the meantime I enjoy the ones I own, and want to memorialize them by posting their photographs here.

This knitted lady was given to me some years ago by the same daughter Pippin who gave me the last doll I wrote about. Rocío, as I have now named her, after a former neighbor, first gave me the impression of being from Scandinavian or northern territories, but I have been straightened out as to her ethnicity: she comes from South America–as Pippin calls it, “the llama/alpaca regions of the world.” That explains her sandals, which are like some I found today on a website that sells Peruvian dolls.

She is carrying her child in a sling on her back, and both Mom and Baby have hats with long tails.

Here you can see Baby Eva peeking out from behind her mother. I don’t know why I think the baby is a girl. Maybe because Pippin is a girl whom I used to carry on my back.

I persuaded the mom to lift her skirt a bit so you can see the detail of her knitted petticoat. That’s likely why she is looking so uncomfortably off into space.

This pose highlights her thick black braids that hang down. I did see online a couple of instances of headgear like hers on Andean dolls, but not one with her neutral colors, unusual in a land where bright colors are the rule, often contrasted with a black bowler hat.

You’d think Rocío’s black braids would have tipped me off that she is not European Nordic, but the truth is, I never until now examined her carefully or thought about her details–only fell in love at first vague impression.

6 thoughts on “Surprise South American Doll

  1. My daughter didn't knit her, but bought her at a store, so long ago that she can't remember much about the event. She doesn't have any printed labels to tell us about herself–that's why I've been doing this detective work.


  2. I so enjoyed looking at your doll. Her careful clothing is particularly inspiring. When I was at the yarn shop a while back, I couldn't stop appreciating the soft alpaca yarn. It's miraculously sweet to the touch.

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