My Famous Pipe-Smoker

Pipe tobacco was what my siblings and I gave our father for Christmas year by year. He smoked his pipe every evening while reading after dinner, and when my grandfather was visiting, they would settle down in armchairs side-by-side and smoke together.

My understanding of the health risk is that it is significantly less than cigarette-smoking, because one doesn’t inhale very much. Those who smoke a pipe testify that it is incredibly relaxing, and the practice has even been prescribed as a treatment for anxiety disorder.

I can see how the habit might preclude other worse habits from developing, such as overeating, hurrying and worrying. My father lived to the age of 90, but to make a full disclosure, I must say that he stopped smoking a pipe when he was in his 50’s. Grandfather (his is the arty pic below) also lived past 90; he stopped when my father stopped, as he no longer had a smoking companion.

That pipe-smoke smell is one of my favorites from long ago, but one that I haven’t encountered for many years. Let it here be noted that if any of my sons or grandsons take up the custom, I will start making gifts of tobacco again. This offer doesn’t apply to the girls.

I recently discovered a blog honoring  Famous Pipe Smokers , hundreds of them, from Clark Gable to Winston Churchill and Oscar Peterson. None of the fascinating photographs of these people pipes-in-mouth is as charming to me as the one of my sister and me on the lap of our dear pipe-smoker. He is not likely to be noted with the celebrities, but he is the most famous to me.

15 thoughts on “My Famous Pipe-Smoker

  1. The last photo is just so cute. You all look soooooo happy and contented and the world is a wonderful place because you're together.

    My grandfather smoked a pipe but Baba made him sit on the porch, still he lived well into his 80s and never stopped.

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  2. Lovely pictures! My granddaddy was also a pipe smoker, and for many years I loved the smell of pipe smoke because of that. Now, my husband smokes a pipe — only outside, and only some parts of the year. I know my own father probably doesn't like that, but I enjoy the smell. As I understand it, pipe tobacco is also much more healthy than cigarettes b/c there is not tar and nicotine added to it — you buy pure, leaf tobacco.

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  3. I love this! When I go up to see the baby, I am bringing my Brad a special blend. I bought my husband a Gandalf pipe and some special Lord of the Rings blend. I remember my dad and my minister uncles smoking pipes and I've always loved the fragrance. I'm going to tell Brad about the Famous Pipe Smokers blog. He has a pipe blog, too!

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  4. I love the smell of pipe smoke. It brings back such fond and loving memories of my paternal grandfather, whom I miss so much. I'll have to see if my family has any photos of him smoking his pipe (he also smoke Chesterfields).

    I'm not sure I can quite go on board about pipe smoking not being as dangerous. My BIL took up the pipe at one time… and, while I loved the memories it evoked, he did develop a nasty smoker's cough.

    In any case, thanks for the happy memories

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  5. I adore that last picture of you and your sis on your dad's lap…I really enjoyed reading about pipes! I have fond memories of the sweet smell while my Uncle Bob smoked his pipe…he is still around, but his wife, my Aunt Ginger passed away last year, she was a cigarette smoker.

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  6. Thank you for the link to agave nectar syrup. I always welcome reading health views from other sources. I am also familiar with Dr. Mercola. Unfortunately, I was unable to read the entire article because he put a subscribe window smack dab in the middle that I was unable to get rid of without subscribing. But I will continue to read what others report about this sweetener. Actually, my true reason for experimenting was because my almost to be daughter-in-law will not eat natural sugar and uses spleenda as a sweetener. Yet another sweetener with quite a bit of controversy.

    Oh, I enjoyed reading about the pipe-smoking men in your life.

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  7. For some reason, pipes have always struck me as so much more glamorous-looking than cigarettes — and they most definitely smell better. What sweet pictures! Thanks for your nice articles — I'll keep coming back!

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  8. My dad and his dad always smoked a pipe. I, too, gave Dad pipe tobacco for gifts. He still smokes an occasional pipe, but not as much as he once did. I liked the aroma of a pipe outdoors and Dad could make the coolest smoke rings. Happy Mother's Day!


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  9. Many, many years ago, when I was a smoker, I decided the best way to quit was to switch to a pipe. It didn't work, but how i loved the smell of pipe tobacco! Still do, though we have been a tobacco-free house for ages.

    Love the pictures!


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  10. While I like the thought of smoking a pipe, and it is definitely less dangerous to one's health than fully inhaled substances, it has still has the potential to give you some nasty jaw cancer. So it's not exactly innocent.

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