The Wedding

Soldier Son has married his true love, Joy. I am still too tired to think of anything philosophical or deep to write, except for Thank You, Lord! My son was a gift to us his parents when he came into the world, and he himself was gifted with a heart towards God, and many other graces.

His Heavenly Father has given him a woman for whom the word pure is fitting, and as a consequence our whole family, and indeed the world, is the richer for their coming together in the fear of God and under many prayers. I’m very aware at the moment that life, and His Life, is all a gift.


The setting was amazing, on a hill five miles from the Pacific, surrounded by beautiful and rustic plantings and with a long view of layered valleys and slopes.

A week before the wedding we visited the site and I took pictures of the flowers close up, but that day was too foggy for me to get views like the one above, which gives an idea of the looks of the place.

The weather is often drizzly and cool so close to the North Coast, but the sun was shining for the ceremony and during the reception, which featured not cake but — ta da! — homemade pie! Pearl and I even collaborated the day before and managed to contribute two berry pies from our family.

It was a joy to have all our children in one place, something that hasn’t happened in perhaps five years, and a bunch of us stayed up late after the wedding, sitting around the table enjoying our time together, doing nothing.

Just being thankful family. And now we are increased, glory to His Name, and feeling His love shed even more broadly in our hearts.

18 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. Just a lovely post, GJ ๐Ÿ™‚ A wedding is an event of sheer joy. How wonderful that this addition to your family is embraced and cherished; this is just as it should be. Blessings on you all!


  2. I too am too tired to say anything but … I am glad, for reasons you might understand, to be so! Your post is actually deep and philosophical…you are perhaps just too tired to realize it.


  3. Congratulations and Many Years!

    And what a lovely, lovely dress. I am so indescribably glad to see a young woman getting married in something obviously modest – she is a delight. I think your son has chosen very well. Guess he was brought up right ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. What a beautiful account of a blessed day.

    Sons that find that pearl of great price, truly a gift.

    And we are the recipients of the gift too, it just spills out over us all.


  5. How beautiful! Many happy congrats to your son and wife. And wedding pie — how perfect!
    The cool drizzly weather sounds quite heavenly to me — melting here still!


  6. Congratulations!!! Pretty pictures….scrumptious looking homemade pies. Mmm! What branch of the military is your son in?
    My husband was in the Army for 4 years…


  7. what a beautiful thing a wedding is. Congratulations to your whole family and most especially to the newlyweds. I love the pie idea as I'm not much of a cake person.


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