Scout in the garden and the toolbox.

Seventh Grandson showed himself to be a boy after my own heart this morning, as we were out picking vegetables before the rain came on strong. First the tomatoes. It didn’t surprise me that he liked popping most of the fruits he picked into his mouth.

But the pole beans were just as much to his liking. He even dropped the tomato he was working on so as to attend to the job of getting the beans off the vines and quickly into his mouth to savor and munch on for a while. He didn’t spit them out, either.

When the rain began in earnest we had to come inside. But there were Grandpa’s drums to play.

For hours Scout played with his tool-themed birthday presents: a put-put weed-whacker and a lawnmower, saws and a drill and more.

And at lunchtime he asked for one of the decorations from last night’s tool box cake that his mom had made, the chocolate pliers.

7 thoughts on “Scout in the garden and the toolbox.

  1. Back to say thank you for the story suggestions. I printed them at school and then I forgot to pick them up. I appreciate your input very much! Yes, the Willows are on their Grand Tour! They'll go from Oregon to Minnesota, to Texas, to North Carolina, to Virginia and then to Frances before leaving for Ireland. Mags is in charge of the European stops and then they'll go to darling Provincial Housewife in Australia and finally to Angel in New Zealand before coming back to me. I can't wait to see the book and all the doodles and annotations! Woo hoo!


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