Tree Collard

Overall the plants in my garden look as though the gardener has been absent. Too true — and the sky is lacking rain. So I at least did take the hose to everything yesterday, and found one “tree” that seems to be thriving under neglect.

It’s the tree collard that a dear friend gave me. I knew that these perennial vegetables grow very long and tangled stems, so I had planted it in a corner of my cramped yard, out of the way of annual beds.

My photo doesn’t show much of the curly stalk, and the pictures I found online are of plants that grow tall and straight, not like the more recumbent ones we seem to have around here, which get very complicated twining around themselves. The trunk-stem gets longer and longer and the leaves grow mostly at the end of it.

If I had more room I’d love to have a large plantation of these hardy greens.

3 thoughts on “Tree Collard

  1. Oh, how I missed your posts while traveling. A smart phone only goes so far with my eyes! I am catching up finally. After driving coast to coast (I'm a Georgia girl by birth) to bring my car here, I giggled when I saw the tree collard post. The perfect welcome home! I'm a hybrid now. Must plant this…have a great spot.


  2. I think that's a lovely plant. Aren't the leaves an attractive shape? And “recumbent” — what a fun word to describe them! It makes me picture the plants, lounging around, taking it easy, waiting for you to tend to them 🙂


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