Here they come!

Iceland poppy
bearded iris

Tomorrow may be a gardening day, of the sort on which one digs and pulls and gets dirt under the fingernails, says the lazy procrastinator. But today one Iceland poppy bloom is out, and irises, and the manzanita is a wall of pink-on-green. So it was a photographic sort of gardening day…

I only took close-ups, because broader views show too dramatically what lackadaisical workers have oversight here. God is favoring us anyway! Isn’t He just like that.

Dutch iris

8 thoughts on “Here they come!

  1. I pulled weeds up close and personal this morn and sprinkled more flower seeds where the gophers had done too much thinning. I say ultimately we all need to perfect the art of just focusing on the flowers! Lovely close ups.


  2. I love looking at the first flowers and bulbs. Ours are just budding in time for Easter!! This Sunday for us is the 5th in Lent and next is Palm Sunday. I LOVE Palm Sunday!! Cannot wait for Holy Week ( early for us this year).
    We have the Lenten Roses blooming and beautiful ( heleboris). I think I will copy you and post some photos on my own blog!! Thanks for such nice photos!!


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