Not a system in intellectual forms.

“Our Lord had no design of constructing a system of truth in intellectual forms. The truth of the moment in its relation to him, The Truth, was what he spoke. He spoke out of a region of realities which he knew could only be suggested—not represented—in the forms of intellect and speech. With vivid flashes of life and truth his words invade our darkness, rousing us with sharp stings of light to will our awaking, to arise from the dead and cry for the light which he can give, not in the lightning of words only, but in indwelling presence and power.”

― George MacDonald, Unspoken Sermons

4 thoughts on “Not a system in intellectual forms.

  1. YES! That is my intuition too – and when I was criticized by a pastor at an evangelical church for not praying correctly (outloud with repetitive ‘lord God, God, lord Gods” it made me feel as though they were hurting a truth, and missing the mark.

    Thanks for that post.



  2. George MacDonald was introduced to me as a child…but I fell in love with him as an adult. I have often pondered “form” and “light”. Christ is the light of the world and he illuminates the realities. In darkness there is no form, no shape, nothing to “see”. For me Orthodoxy is the great “suggestion.” And the light Christ gives cannot be expressed in words…it is an indwelling. Lovely quote.


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