What a peach means.

It’s not summertime until you eat a tree-ripened peach. I hope I will always remember that on this day I ate the first real peach of my summer 2015, sent to me in the morning by Mrs. Bread from her own beloved tree.

It’s also the day that my pool is being chopped up, and I’ve been taking lots of Work Machine pictures and videos for the grandchildren to enjoy, but I can’t bear to post one of those here until I have something constructive to go with it.

This picture is of the peach I haven’t eaten yet. My friend actually sent me two juicy globes to warm my heart with the assurance of the seasons continuing as a sign of God’s constancy. Tomorrow will be another good day….

peach P1010226 peach

14 thoughts on “What a peach means.

  1. Was pleasantly surprised to have found the Oklahoma peaches to have been incredibly luscious this year. We have a local farmer that sells them at a nearby intersection. We had feared the heavy spring rain would have damaged the blossoms. What a special gift from God is the peach!


  2. We have had some very nice local peaches this year, and I’ve enjoyed them so, so much. There’s nothing like a real peach!

    I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures of your yard’s transformation. I hope you’re feeling okay about the changes.



  3. I am glad you have something delicious and comforting to bolster you against the trauma of back yard destruction. In our heads we know it will lead to good things, but it is hard to bear the noise, the mess and the rubble of good things past…


  4. God bless! I am glad you have such caring friends. It will be OK and the garden will be beautiful. It makes a lot of sense to bury your pool. HUGS, I know it’s combined with many memories. But in God, in Christ, all is present.


  5. No fresh from the tree-ripened peaches for me… too far away from peach orchards, but oh I have been enjoying the sweetness of this year’s crop come all the way from British Columbia to Alberta. They seem particularly sweet and flavourful this year. Maybe with modern technology they have quicker ways to get ripened fruit to their faraway destinations.

    We had slices of one this morning on French toast. Last evening I made a cobbler with juicy peaches for our dessert. I’m so happy for these summer-time treats.

    And, I want to also say I so enjoyed my visit today — caught up on your pool stories and appreciated catching glimpses of your heart message amidst the words.

    Wishing you a beautiful and comfort-full day!


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