Babies in the garden.

glP1010921 dahlia pink yellow

The first evening I was at Pippin’s house on my recent visit, little Jamie lay on his tummy on a blanket and watched from the lawn as his mother did her gardening. You can see him as a white spot near the center of the picture below.





Another day, he gazed up at the trees contentedly while Mom pushed his brother and sister in the swings a few feet away. We laughed about how well camouflaged he was among the leaves and dappled sunlight. I imagine that the changing light and shadows were what kept him entertained.



deer Oct 15



(If humans are busy in the back yard, the deer keep to the front.) >

When I was a young mother I also set my babies up in the yard while I was out there, but as I recall, some liked it better than others. Now I can’t remember which ones preferred to be indoors, and which would happily soak up the fresh air and open spaces.


I feel I must paste in a closer-up picture, too, to prove that Jamie was not fussing.Jamie lawn trees crpLast time I saw Pippin’s garglP1010913den was in May, when planting had barely begun; it is full of lovely things now, with ever more dahlias (inside the deer fence) – and the zinnias that the deer don’t usually eat. They’ve refrained so far this year. It gets so cold in the forest there, she has to dig up the tubers before winter and replant them, along with some new acquisitions, in the spring.





The older children like to be in the garden, too. When Scout made a messy puddle by the gate Pippin was annoyed, but calm. After the hose was turned off Scout announced, “That ant is walking on water!” and we all crouched down to see how the surface tension and the dust did make a way for the insect to get across the lake that had instantly appeared in his world.



glP1010938 ant walking on water

All of this happened on my departure day; I had to force myself to leave the fun and start on the long drive home. I’d like to return soon, but I have my own garden babies, tiny seedlings of greens, to take care of now. And my next trip will be in the opposite direction, to be with other loved ones, in other mountains. More on that to come.

dahlias crp

14 thoughts on “Babies in the garden.

  1. Jamie has the benefit of those delicious shadows and the love of his family, which is even more real. He will grow up to associate the two, I think. It can’t get any better.

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  2. Ohhhhh, I love to see babies and children content in the garden. What cheeks Jamie has! My babies played in the lawn or on blankets when I had outdoor work to do. They mostly liked it as I remember. I used to carry a baby out to the clothesline in my basket of laundry!

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  3. How perfect! I remember putting Kelli in a walker in the kiddie pool while Brad paddled around. Babies feel good when they’re outside. What a good mama your daughter is and what an excellent granny you are!

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  4. The dahlias are just gorgeous! ♥ I forgot to dig up our tubers last year, and they didn’t make it over last winter, but last summer and fall we had pretty dahlias. I especially love the photo of baby laying on the blanket looking up.

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  5. Your posts remind me so much of an idea I had some years ago for a novel entitled “An Ordinary Life”. The simplicity and great emotional depth with which you write of personal events in your life (life with your husband and children, your husband’s passing, life without him, your enduring faith, life with your children and grandchildren, etc.) resonate with me.

    Thanks for sharing your life with us!

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