Reasons to read a baseball poem.

The poem below makes me want to go to a Giants game. It has all the imagery and concrete details that help convey the poet’s experience to the reader. If I were going to write a poem about how baseball is for me, I would want to leave out the miserably cold wind that I suffered at more than one night game in San Francisco, in the middle of summer, but I would work hard to describe something of the smells of the ball park, and how the Giants uniform, in all its variations, looks so beautiful against the green grass.

April is National Poetry Month, and if you have children I especially encourage you to hop over to The Poem Farm and see for yourself what a wealth of poetry-teaching resources Amy Ludwig VanDerwater has collected there. This one is by Amy herself, but she keeps a huge collection of poetry from all over.


crack of a bat
smack in a mitt
pop of a fly
feel of a hit
spit and a pitch
steal of a base
slide into home
look on a face
dive and a catch
quick double play
tag and a throw
extra inning

it’s not hard
to find a reason
baseball is my
favorite season

© Amy Ludwig VanDerwater
Used with permission


3 thoughts on “Reasons to read a baseball poem.

  1. You know as well as I that a mother of five will sit through innumerable sporting events! A note from a young friend who has recently begun this journey with her five year old son out at the T-ball fields was observing how silly some of the other parents were behaving as they sat in the bleachers. Here is my response to her:

    “Next time you’re out there look around – you’ll be seeing these folks for the next 13 or so years. If your son loves the game you’ll come to love these people. The obnoxious ones don’t get quieter, they just learn to huddle together or pace behind the stands. Their boys’ snack preferences will be on your grocery list and and their wellbeing will be on your prayer list. Y’all will be laughing together, maybe crying together, you’ll definitely share an umbrella and a bag of seeds or two over the years. Exercise your patience with these guys…you may be in for the long haul!”

    The poem you’ve shared definitely captures the emotions of the game. I was so happy to read it. I didn’t realize until this morning how those experience interlock and support so much of what reveals the golden moments in our lives!

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  2. “the smells of the ball park, and how the Giants uniform, in all its variations, looks so beautiful against the green grass” – – I suspect that players, professional and amateurs (lovers of the game all) pay attention to things like this too. For some, baseball itself seems like a poem.

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