We have a gardening work day.

To my surprise, I was able to take part in the work day at church. For twoIMG_2235 days previous I’d been getting enough soul-calming Down Time that I could feel relaxed about leaving all the work at home undone, and head over to the church garden to get my hands in the dirt there. Some of you will remember how I used to do that several times a week before my late husband retired.

The last time I did anything like this was over two years ago, when Mr. Glad and I together helped prune roses for a few hours. The beautiful rose bushes are still there, but the late rains encouraged a lot of rust on the leaves, so one of my jobs today was to remove all those leaves affected.

IMG_2220Two of the roses that I have tended so many times in the past have to be removed — their old canes are non-productive and the new canes are too small, or only suckers. That’s sad…but it’s happened to my lovely Pristine rose at home, too, and I’m taking it out.

This lovely pink climber I was only cutting back so it will be easier for the men to remove later today. Our priest’s wife supervises the garden currently and does much of the work; she will buy a new climber and we’ll try to get it to climb up the pillar better than we managed with this one.IMG_2236 catalpa

Rain is threatening again today, and the sky was cloudy, which put the flowers in such a good light that I had to take their pictures when I stood up to straighten my back. The rose mallow is in its prime.

[For those who wonder what tree that is looming above the library, I’m adding a photo below of its leaves and flowers up close. It’s a catalpa.]

catalpa close ss

After Kit got all set up to transplant a lamb’s ear plant, she had to leave, so I dug the hole and tucked it in. I’ve never given so much care to planting lamb’s ears  before — on my own property I am always pulling them out, they are such enthusiastic growers. But this soil was pretty hard….


Three hours went by pretty fast. I had to quit pulling weeds while I was still having fun, in order to preserve my back. But I’m encouraged to hope that if the next work days come when I’m not traveling, I’ll be able to spend some fruitful time in these beloved gardens again.


7 thoughts on “We have a gardening work day.

  1. how lovely! what a beautiful church and garden! and a separate place for the parish library. oh how lovely. My main church is so small, that if you put two or three of those parish libraries together, I bet you would have the size of our church! 🙂

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  2. Working in a garden is always a joy….Sometimes working in someone else’s garden or a church garden can be even more happy than working in one’s own.

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  3. So much beauty, from the flowers, to the small library, to the grand church. And I actually knew all of the plants and trees you mentioned. I don’t mind the leaves on the lamb’s ear, but I find the tall stalk-like flowers not very pretty, so at my mom’s house, we cut them off and just enjoy the plant.

    Despite the almost ten years we have lived in our home, last year was the first year, I noticed that one of our neighbors had a tree in their yard that produced giant pods that hung over our car in the parking space. So we turned it into a nature study and finally identified it as a catapla tree! I also grew up with a horse chestnut tree in our yard, so I can see why some might confuse the flowers.

    I’m happy you were able to help this year and that you knew to quit before your back hurt.

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