Skimpy Travelogue

I can’t seem to write a real blog post about all the things I want to tell since I have been on the east coast, three days already. I thought my tablet device would work for this, but it doesn’t really…so tedious. If I had brought my laptop I could have done much more — but maybe not, as I have been busy morning till night, either having other kinds of fun than writing, or catching up on my sleep. Before you know it I’ll be home and I’ll type out more details.

I’m staying with Kate and Tom in Washington D.C., but today we drove south to Virginia, among the Blue Ridge Mountains and along Skyline Drive, where there are 75 overlooks of the Shenandoah Valley and the wavy tree and hill textures in gold, orange and pink, with varying amounts of gray and white.

Even here I was pleased to be reminded of home, when I read, “Shenandoah National Park was established in 1935 to bring the western national park experience to the urban east.” I did not expect this topography to resemble that of the western U.S., and what I enjoy so much are these hardwood forests blanketing the folds of the mountains. You know what else that makes me happy about that place? It keeps the lovely word strumming in my mind: Shenandoah.


17 thoughts on “Skimpy Travelogue

  1. This is the sort of lovely mountain view I’d imagined before my own trip. Unfortunately, I had foggy mountains. I’m so glad the weather has been cooperating for you.

    I’m a great fan of not blogging or writing while traveling. I’ve always thought it’s better to gain the experience first; then to reflect; then to write. After all, there will be as many days or weeks as you choose the reflect or write, after the fact. But while you’re there? Those are the only days of experience you will have.

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  2. I’ve always loved the word Shenandoah too. I’ve only been that far up the Blue Ridge once, years ago when we drove it all the way and went to Williamsburg but still remember the way those hills folded in upon each other. Having lived in Asheville and gone to the Blowing Rock area many years, I always feel as if I’m leaving part of my heart behind when we leave the Blue Ridge.

    A lovely time of year for you to be there.

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  3. You were so close to Thistle Cove Farm…the Appalachians, of which the Blue Ridge is contained therein, are beautiful! Among the oldest in the world, we are told. I’ll take my happy with me but never expect to feel the same about any other place as I do these old mountains.


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