10 thoughts on “Bow like the willow tree.

  1. Beautiful. Thank you for the inspiring and soothing post!

    I love willow trees because they provide food for bumblebees early in spring when there are no other flowers yet. 🙂


  2. “I will bow and be free.” The paradoxical nature of Christianity.

    It reminds me of an Italian movie, La vita e bella (Life is beautiful). One of the characters says something quite profound, I would say. I’ll write it in Italian and then try a translation:

    “Guarda i girasoli: s’inchinano al sole, ma se vedi uno che è inchinato un po’ troppo significa che è morto. Tu stai servendo, però non sei un servo. Servire è l’arte suprema. Dio è il primo servitore. Lui serve gli uomini, ma non è servo degli uomini.”

    “See the sunflowers. They bow to the sun, but if you see one that’s too low, it means that it is dead. You are serving, but you are not a server. To serve is the supreme art. God is the first servant. God serves people, but he is not their server.”

    Bowing: the supreme art of humans, for in it we are like God: free!


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