Green mirrors go wild.

It’s National Poetry Month again. Here is a gabbling, spangling and whirling poem I’ve been saving to share at just such a time as this. You really should read it aloud, if only to yourself.


Now, now the world
All gabbles joy like geese, for
An idiot glory the sky
bangs. Look!
All leaves are new, are
Now, are
Bangles dangling and
Spangling, in sudden air
Wangling, then
Hanging quiet, bright.

The world comes back, and again
Is gabbling, and yes,
Remarkably worse, for
The world is a whirl of
Green mirrors gone wild with
Deceit, and the world
Whirls green on a string, then
The leaves go quiet, wink
From their own shade, secretly.

Keep still, just a moment, leaves.

There is something I am trying to remember.

~ Robert Penn Warren (1905-1989), American poet and writer

8 thoughts on “Green mirrors go wild.

  1. I did read it aloud. twice, but it still didn’t make much sense I’m sorry to admit. My taste in poetry leans more to Robert Frost ( how about Nature’s first Green is Gold) ?

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  2. Lovely! Playful and distracting like spring…….Makes me think of Hopkins. I must find some poetry for this month. I should read more than I have been lately. Spring is coming but they say we may have snow on Friday…

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  3. I loved this as we Nashvillians claim him for the time he was part of the Fugitives here at Vanderbilt, the humanities building is named for him. There is that warning in the poem but is it literal or symbolic? I’m terrible at analysis of poetry and just enjoy its beauty.

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  4. Yes! and yes I can hear Hopkins’ exuberance too, but that last line changes everything (for me) I need to think about it. Meanwhile I’ll just celebrate with the new leaves in the wind. Great post. I would never have seen this poem.

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  5. Yes, it’s like Hopkins. Similar to that very oblique way he had, that sort of choppy jumping around, but not really choppy, just can’t think of a better word. I have never been into poetry, but lately am thinking I need to try a little.

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