Sunny flowers and vegetables.


I’m way behind on gardening, and now that the weather permits catching up, I’m off on a short trip to see grandchildren, planned when I couldn’t envision anything but rain. Yesterday I did manage to fit in a very few tasks such as weeding and feeding and even harvesting.






I think these would be called carrot thinnings, of the sort you end up with when you put off thinning too long. Some of them are sweet enough. What I didn’t eat last night will make good snacks on my journey.

For dinner I made a tiny stir-fry using all the pak choi and snow peas that I had picked. Hope leapt up for my vegetable gardening future.

Helianthemum are blooming, starting with the yellow ones in the front garden. I’m a little sad having to leave all my plant children right now, but I will entrust them to God and come back soon!

9 thoughts on “Sunny flowers and vegetables.

  1. I know what you mean when you refer to your ‘plant children’… I feel that way about many things. My birds that visit our feeders, my plants, books… they all seem slightly human in some way.

    I wish you a beautiful time with your loved ones. Those carrots look pretty tasty.

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  2. Your carrots are cute, and the helianthemum is pretty. That’s a new flower to me. It may be around here, but since I don’t garden and tend to focus on native plants, I may have missed it.

    Safe travels!

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  3. That’s what I call fresh carrots! Probably taste like a completely different vegetable than those in the grocery store. Have a safe and wonderful trip, my little granddaughters just spent the weekend here with us. The best times ever!


  4. Just a wonderful garden. Have fun and enjoy your grandson’s second birthday. I had no idea he was already two. My Arizona grands will be here next week. I am going to be busy and happy. 🙂 Have a safe trip.

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