Not heaping on the wood.

Heap on the wood.
The wind is chill;
But let it whistle as it will,
We’ll keep our Christmas merry still.

-Sir Walter Scott

Larsson tree

Today is the eighth day that we have been forbidden to burn wood, and the eighth also of freezing outdoor temperatures. It’s always this way – when we most feel the need, we are deprived. Any day now I will break down and have a gas fireplace installed so I can sit in front of it… but for this moment, I give you these images that are only comforting because I just turned up the thermostat. Instead of a crackling fire I am hearing the roar of the blowing furnace, but the truth is, I am very thankful for that. I hope wherever you are, if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, that you are cozy, too!

10 thoughts on “Not heaping on the wood.

  1. Glad to hear you do have a source of heat. It has been in the 40’s at night since Sat. night, it is supposed to warm up some by next week. I have not turned my heater on yet and hopefully won’t have to. My place is very small and when I cook heat flows around. At night I snuggle under the covers.

    Happy, cozy Christmas holidays dear Gretchen ~ FlowerLady

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  2. We are back in drought conditions here also. At least with the dry air it doesn’t feel that cold. I never thought I would be missing Oklahoma’s normal humidity. Listening to Twila Paris sing the, Hallelujah Chorus, I love Christmas and you!

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  3. I love fires in the fireplace or stove, but our days of wood chopping and stacking are over because the fire builder has no interest in feeding the stove or fireplace. Boo.

    I am so desperate for a cozy fire that I turn on the YULE LOG on cable.

    Take care and stay toasty!

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  4. One of the TV stations we have has, for the month of December, a fireplace with a roaring fie blazing away. It’s so realistic that we can almost feel the warmth. It’s on 24/7 for the entire month.

    It is too bad you can’t have a fire when you most need it though.

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  5. Everyday is a “spare the air” day in our town where we are not allowed to have a fire unless it is an emergency and all other forms of heat are unavailable due to power outage. When the power goes out it is hard to light the electronic ignition on the gas fireplace. What are we postmoderns to do? I had not heard before of people watching fires on cable etc.

    It is primal, one might say, to watch fire. It draws us, for instinctually we know that it cannot be left unattended.

    What a delightful illustration.

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  6. Yes, isn’t it terrible! We have only burned one fire this year. I have been praying for rain. I am thankful I have the heater though. Even though that is turned way down too. I just go outside and take a walk and then the house feels warm. 🙂 Have a lovely day my dear friend.

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  7. I was beginning to think the fire was your only source of heat – glad you have a furnace! But a fire does sound very cozy (from this one who never lit a fire or had a fireplace or wood stove). Will those forest fires never end?

    I hope you continue to be safe there. 🙂

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