I wade in the icy (atmospheric) river.

The frogs were singing in a jubilant choir last night. I heard them when the rain paused briefly and I took another load of old papers and cardboard and stuff to the recycling. Early this morning it was the storm I heard from my bed, hammering on the roof and windows, but soon it ceased, and my weather app told me the respite would be long enough for a walk. When I closed the front door behind me I saw this:

They say we are in an Atmospheric River. I love the sound of that! It’s surely a cold river today; not even close to freezing by the thermometer, but my hands were getting clumsier by the minute, so that when I got home I had to wait a while before trying to get the pictures off my phone.

Blue patches of sky and rays of sunshine were setting off the blue-black storm clouds, and no frogs were croaking as I walked along the creek. Buckeye trees are raising up their new leaf clusters like trophies, at the same time the leaves of a liquidamber tree are still colorful and holding on. Is that one in a space sheltered from the winds we’ve been having? Branches have been knocked down from most trees, including a redwood branch that I gather came from high up in the canopy, judging from its little needles. Below it is an example of what most of the tree looks like.

If I had been wearing those high boots Linda recommended to me last week, I’d have been tempted to wade into the creek below the bridge to drag out a large piece of rubbish. I wonder if they are sturdy against blackberry thorns?

Before I got halfway home, hail began to fall afresh, and even though the hailstones were smaller this time they hurt my face when I peered up from under my raincoat’s hood. The sky was completely dark again…. and then it wasn’t!  The pussy willows were shining, and when I got close to home I saw another bright blue-and-gray scene right above my house. It’s a splendidly wet day, and I’m glad for a cozy house to come into from the storm. 🙂

9 thoughts on “I wade in the icy (atmospheric) river.

  1. How interesting and wonderful to experience your weather. It would be invigorating. Heat and humidity are making themselves felt down here in s.e. FL.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady


  2. I wonder if what you experienced was sleet or graupel, rather than hail. Here’s a nice explanation of some differences.

    And yes, on the boots protecting against blackberry thorns. I almost always wear them when I’m out and about, because they are such good protection against thorny dewberry vines, sharp grasses, and various cacti and yuccas. They also eliminate the need to pick grass and sand burs out of your socks!


  3. I love that word Atmospheric River too. I love to say it and think about it. Its just beautiful on your walks. I have enjoyed this winter. I love all of the rain. I feel so blessed to have the rain and how everything is trying to wake up but it is cold. Its been a long time since we have had a nice winter like this.
    Your photos are lovely.


  4. What a fresh drink of beautiful this post is, GJ! I took a nap on the sofa and I woke up when the doorbell rang. Kim sent me oranges and lemons and it was snowing like crazy, Perfect!


  5. Lovely photos. I’ve never walked in hail and don’t imagine it would be pleasant.

    For some reason your blog posts didn’t show up so I’ve missed a few.


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