Things that have no true existence.

St. John the Forerunner

“The sweet work of repentance
that is set before us as followers of Christ,
is nothing other than the return to reality.”

“How we feel about many things has this same make-believe quality. We find certain styles of clothing and certain products (cars, houses, etc.) attractive and desirable, but often with little more than subjective reasons for our desires. The power of this make-believe is so great that it is well-known that many people “go shopping” to battle depression. It is a strange therapy.”

Read the rest of the article by Father Stephen Freeman here: “The Unreal Land” — about the real cause of so much of our grief and misery in everyday life, “a ceaseless struggle with things that have no true existence.”

When I look around his blog I always find plenty to provoke my thoughts in a good direction. His book Everywhere Present puts a lot of this food for the soul together in one nourishing bowl.

(re-post from 2011)

3 thoughts on “Things that have no true existence.

  1. “The return to reality” – Leila Lawler said something in her blog post the other day, “reality itself is cause for joy”, and it really struck me. Lent is approaching, and I always feel the more we can try and strip ourselves from the extraneous things, the closer to reality we will get. But it can be scary.


    1. Do you know that after posting this comment, I listened to a podcast where the man mentioned reality again. That’s three places I’ve encountered the word; I need to pay attention to it.


  2. I’ve never understood “shopping as therapy,” lol. I’m going through a bout of depression and I find the only thing that helps is the “reality” of Jesus. I’m happiest when talking to Him; thinking about Him; reading His word. So many things distract us. This world is constantly abuzz. I’m glad I’m in a time in my life when I can stop and sit quietly with the Lord. 🙂


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