Olive Trees

I drove over the hills yesterday to be with friends for the afternoon. It was the most glorious day for it; the pastures were green as green, with sheep or black cows grazing, or just full of mustard at its peak of brightness. Little yellow-green leaves decorated some of the oaks, and in the middle of a mixed forest of oak and bay I came upon this venerable and silent grove of olives.

5 thoughts on “Olive Trees

  1. Oh, they are amazing! I would’ve wanted to go sit down among them. This morning we read from Psalm 52 in worship, “But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God.” I’m teaching a book study with some ladies, and we’ve been looking at the Tree of Life and other trees in the Bible. It’s been so revealing! I have always loved trees very much, but did not realize how very important they are to God, to the Garden, to His Heaven, how much they show us of what we ought to be as Christians. Thank you for sharing these photos.

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