One thing does not exist.


One thing does not exist: Oblivion.
God saves the metal and he saves the dross.
And his prophetic memory guards from loss
The moons to come, and those of evenings gone.
Everything in the shadows in the glass
Which, in between the day’s two twilights, you
Have scattered by the thousands, or shall strew
Henceforward in the mirrors that you pass.
And everything is part of that diverse
Crystalline memory, the universe;
Whoever through its endless mazes wanders
Hears door on door click shut behind his stride,
And only from the sunset’s farther side
Shall view at last the Archetypes and the Splendors.

-Jorge Luis Borges
translated by Richard Wilbur


7 thoughts on “One thing does not exist.

    1. Linda, I trust readers like you to appreciate along with me, because I feel my ignorance and even stupidity so keenly. And I don’t really engage with the poems as deeply as I think they deserve. So when you say “fine,” my heart is warmed and says, “I thought so!”

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    1. It’s at our mountain cabin when we were building a fire pit. Mr Glad off to the left, and I think my father was there that day.

      Obviously I the photographer am not actually carrying stones, but am one of the shadows on the deck above.


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