Rain on my plum trees.

Last week I made a little trip to visit my horticulturalist/vintner/adventurer friend CJ, whom I hadn’t seen in a year. Her Christmas letter had gone to an old email address and I didn’t see it until that very day; when I read that she had started keeping chickens, I wrote and invited myself to meet them as soon as she would let me. She said, “Come today!”

It’s a good thing I didn’t have my phone on me as we sat in one room of the chicken house by the creek, where she has a lawn table and chairs for hanging out with her flock, or I would have made a fool of myself taking pictures of the beautiful girls, hens of all my favorite breeds: Silver Laced Wyandottes, Buff Orpingtons, Black Australorps and Red Leghorns. She sent me home with eggs and I had to explain why I am showing their picture.

This week we have wet and glorious rain. We, speaking of all God’s trees, grasses, shrubs, vines and flowers — and the humans, too — have been thirsty. Between showers, everything in the garden glows, but I don’t know how to capture that in my pictures. The Iceland poppies in the front garden are big and lush. Only two colors of the mixed 6-pack are blooming, and they look a little odd together, coral and orange, but that seems to be what they like.

In the back garden, I have another several poppy plants that have not grown above the ground level all these months. Maybe they are sulking in too much shade. But the stock and the plum trees are coming through with plenty of good cheer.

7 thoughts on “Rain on my plum trees.

  1. I like Iceland Poppies but can’t grow them here. I think they don’t like our wet winters. At the big house in the park they grow in a raised bed against an outbuilding where they get next to no rain and there they do well. It would be nice for yours to have been in more than 2 colours but they look fine.

    Oh those pretty eggs. I wonder if they taste any different from ‘bought’ ones.


  2. What a boon to have been able to visit your adventurous friend, to receive such interesting looking eggs AND to have the Iceland poppies put on such a pretty show for you. Then there is the rain. So much to be grateful for.


  3. What a wonderful day, Gretchen. And so fun to see a friend. Those poppies are gorgeous. I have some seeds and hope maybe this year (or next) I’ll see poppies too! Those eggs are so beautiful! I’d be inclined to blow them out before cooking and hang the shells on an egg tree. They don’t even need decoration! What a generous, lovely take home gift.


  4. Isn’t it marvelous the way God has made our eyes to see and perceive in ways that our cameras struggle? But I do know that glow you’re talking of. How prettily your plum blooms.


  5. Gorgeous eggs and poppies! The white blossoms on the plum tree look like ours would in a month, however we may not get more this year, we trimmed a LOT after discovering black knot fungus on it last summer.


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