Vaporous lists form and drift…

That idea I grabbed onto last month, to make lists when I’m incapable of the kind of prose that would be more satisfying to writer and reader, has not worked well for me.

Maybe it boils down to priorities… life is too short to dash off an easy type of list when one might instead use the precious moments to 1) Think on how to make just one list item more beautiful,  or 2) Forget trying to preserve in writing anything in particular from the experience or contemplation, and just BE. Play one more game with the children, sit on the deck in the dry and sunny air — or sleep!

But now, near the end of my stay in Colorado, out of desperation I’ve condensed a few thoughts into words, at the extreme boring level, the list of lists to write:


  • Big and little ways Soldier and Joy are kind and generous to me.
  • Additional friends and family I’ve been able to see while I’m here.
  • Books the children and I have read together.
  • Names of the children’s dolls and stuffies.
  • Plants that the Seek app hasn’t been able to identify.
  • Delicious meals that Joy has made.
  • Darling things the children have said.
  • Topics of helpful and informative conversations I’ve had with Soldier and Joy.
  • Internet links and articles to follow up on.
  • Walks we have taken.
  • Species of willow trees.

Maybe I won’t get around to writing even one of these lists — think of that!

Glory to God for all things!

11 thoughts on “Vaporous lists form and drift…

  1. How much better it is to be able to draw up such a list than to have nothing to record at all. It is grand that you have been able to be part of your family for a while. As an aside, during my periodic bouts of clearing out I come across similar lists or scraps of notes from long ago in old notebooks which dredge up wonderful memories.


  2. Well, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. But your list is also very nice. Anything to jog the memory that so often fails us. Happy Friday, Gretchen!


  3. I’ve been away, busy with work. Now that things are winding down, I thought I’d check in on some of my favorite blogs. How wonderful to see you’ve been enjoying time with your precious grandchildren. Your photos tell a story of the refreshing and delightful time you’ve had in CO visiting your loved ones.


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