Snow and pastels.

As I was making my last sweep through the house to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything, my attention was caught by movement outside the kitchen windows, and I delayed my departure five minutes because of birds: doves, finches, a dozen juncos, a titmouse, a chickadee, a pair of Nutall’s woodpeckers — many hanging off the suet feeders to fortify them against the freezing weather coming through.

And this guy, whom I stared at for as long as he perched there, not recognizing him, as he was the biggest, fattest robin I have ever seen.

Then, I loaded myself in the car and off I drove, north to daughter “Pippin’s.’ The first hours were through winter-greened and gentled landscapes.

But now I am in the mountain forest.

I forgot to pack my laptop, so this post may come out a bit strange. When I arrived Pippin was just putting bread dough to rise next to the woodstove, and cats Fred and Duncan were not feeling the winter at all.

Scout helped me unload my car, and we admired icicles together.

This morning I woke in a cozy room with this view out my window:

Dear Readers who have kept me company here during the past year, or who only recently stopped by, I hope that in 2022 you also find comfort and peace. My advice: Try not to stand under large melting icicles.

Happy New Year!

12 thoughts on “Snow and pastels.

  1. Those icicles look both beautiful and dangerous. How wonderful to know that you are experiencing the change of year with family. I look forward to joining you for more interesting reads and reminders in 2022.


  2. Delight! (Hope that wasn’t a sharp icicle…) I’ve just finished a beautiful Christmas present – A Scandinavian Christmas published by Vintage. I think you’d love all the stories, but might enjoy those by Selma Lagerlof best, as I did. A very Happy New Year be yours.


  3. It’s good to know you arrived safely in the land of snow and icicles. Have a wonderful visit. Happy New Year to you and your family.


  4. Oh, I loved your post and the peek of your trip from one place to another. Loved seeing the kitties in their perfect ‘viewing’ post. And those icicles remind me of my childhood – how we as kids loved to knock them down and suck on them like popsicles. What a lovely way to end the old year and ring in the new one! Gretchen, wishing you all the best for good health and cheer for the heart in 2022. xo


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