All these things happened.

Not today’s specimen.

This morning as I was adding water to the fountain, a Monarch fluttered by, the first one I’ve seen this year. The next moment, I saw another butterfly across the garden, the one I see more often, and I thought I could find its name on my blog, but I can’t. It’s yellow and black. Two butterflies in two seconds!

I went to the community center to drop off my ballot, to the library to return a book, and to Costco to return an item that I’d bought impulsively only Sunday. As soon as I began unloading my car that evening, I knew it was a mistake, and did not even bring it into the house. It was a set of serving bowls that charmed me just long enough to necessitate today’s trip back to the store. Harder mistakes have happened.

Cabbage Whites have been about, too.

My last stop was the thrift store, where a whole box of stuff including toys was rejected, because there was an all-metal (and clean, I tell you!) Nyger bird feeder stuck on top. The attendant reminded me of some rude Chinese restaurant waiters I have known, in the way he angrily judged my offerings as being contaminated by “poop.” I admit I went away from there briefly miffed.

How could I not be happy, when I had accomplished my outing before noon, and cleared my garage of another small load of stuff?  My success gave me energy to keep sorting and organizing for a few hours. I threw away lots of pictures taken 60-80 years ago that are of people I never knew, or are so bad as to be insulting to the people I did know.

I took a nap, and then it was time to make dinner. While I was eating and watching the birds at the feeder outside, I read poetry. And it was the poetry that made me want to document that it was a morning with two butterflies.

7 thoughts on “All these things happened.

  1. The presence of two butterflies is worth documenting. We have seen disappointingly few butterflies so far this year, so I would probably do the same. Why would the metal bird feeder have been a just reason for rejecting your whole box of offerings?


    1. The man did not speak very good English, which is probably why he was so dismissive. I assumed he was following protocols handed down from above. I got the impression that any used bird feeder would be suspect — maybe because of some concern for Bird Flu? I don’t think it was based on science. 😉 During the last couple of years thrift stores have been closed and/or extra cautious; they are probably afraid of getting shut down. But the other one I’ve been going to lately, and to which I will return from now on, does not examine donations before accepting them.


  2. Errands are a fine accomplishment ❤️ I bet you are right about the bird flu.
    You like serving bowls because you are a servant ❤️
    I do love watching birds even though I think the dove couple in my garden are eating my zinnia seeds😂


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