One afternoon this week I dedicated a solid four hours to gardening. It made me very happy, but also stiff! And it brought to my attention more work that needs doing. In my front yard I need to divide irises, and change some things around, maybe plant a tree or two before the end of fall. I cut off some giant branches of the Delta Sunflowers; their limbs get so heavy and extended that they often break — partially — and lie on the walkway, or in the neighbor’s driveway, while they go on blooming.

I took the nice blooms off and stuck them in a vase outside. These flowers are home to ants and other tiny animals that I don’t need in the house. I took this picture through the (dirty) window showing the cheerful view I get while I am standing at the kitchen sink.

Twenty-four hours later, a bee was still finding nectar on one sunflower.

7 thoughts on “Sunflowers

  1. This is such a cheerful looking post! I too admire the view you can enjoy from your kitchen window and am impressed with the lovely sunflowers you have picked.


  2. Your photo is like a painting. I will have to look at it again in a larger version to see if the impression is as strong as it appears to me in this early hour on a small device. I’m sure your garden had made many bees hsppy…those are wonderful sunflowers.


  3. Your sunflowers are so pretty. Good idea to keep them (and their insect friends) outside.
    I took up some Irises this week and replanted them mainly because they were so overgrown with lamium. I;ve read that this is the right time to lift and replant Irises. It’s so hot so I hope I did the right thing.


  4. They’re gorgeous!
    Gardening for 4 hours sounds wonderful, although I would also be very sore. I’m eager for the temperatures (in October) that will allow me to spend all morning outside. Our lawnmower has been broken for the past month, so our entire property is high in grass/weeds, and we’re not going out much. The repair shop is slow. Your yard is so lovely! What a joy to look at from your kitchen 🙂


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