Prayers of St. Basil — Night Seasons


Lord, O Lord, who hast delivered us from every arrow that flieth by day, deliver us also from everything that walketh in darkness. Receive the lifting up of our hands as an evening sacrifice. Make us worthy to pass without blame through the course of the night, untempted by evil. And deliver us from all anxiety and cowardice that come to us from the devil. Grant compunction to our souls, and make our thoughts mindful of the trial at thy dread and righteous Judgment.

Nail down our flesh with the fear of thee, and mortify our earthly members, that in the stillness of sleep we may be enlightened by the vision of thy judgments. Take from us every unseemly fantasy and pernicious carnal desire. Raise us up at the hour of prayer, established in faith and advancing in thy commandments: through the grace and goodness of thine Only-begotten Son, with whom thou art blessed, together with thine all-holy, good, and life-giving Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

-St. Basil the Great

This is the last of the three sample prayers of St Basil that I’d planned to share,
from the book Orthodox Christian Prayers. Previous: First Hour and Sixth Hour.

4 thoughts on “Prayers of St. Basil — Night Seasons

  1. Every Thursday-Sunday, I listen to an outdoors show on the radio in the very early morning hours. Today, there was quite a discussion of what had been showing up on various people’s game cams — including a woman in a housecoat who was chasing a beagle. I’ll confess that context made me smile when I got to St. Basil’s reference to “everything that walketh in darkness.”

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