The robe of folden sunshine.

Today was the last day of real warmth;
I was luxuriating in it.

Every year it seems harder to see summer finally go,
in the “Indian Summer” fashion. I was waiting to see
if we might have a warm spell this month,
and here it is. So, here also is the poem I had laid by,
for farewell…


I have strayed from silent places,
Where the days are dreaming always;
And fair summer lies a-dying,
Roses withered on her breast.
I have stolen all her beauty,
All her softness, all her sweetness;
In her robe of folden sunshine
I am drest.

I will breathe a mist about me
Lest you see my face too clearly,
Lest you follow me too boldly
I will silence every song.
Through the haze and through the silence
You will know that I am passing;
When you break the spell that holds you,
I am gone!

-Isabel Ecclestone Mackay



7 thoughts on “The robe of folden sunshine.

  1. Beautiful, Gretchen! Do you keep a journal of poems and quotes to draw from? I’ve always wondered how to organize the quotes I collect! Here in BC, we can’t really say ‘Indian summer’ anymore. Not politically correct. But then, what would be the best substitute, I wonder? I grew up using that term and it was apt. September is my fave month but this year October is a close second!


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    1. I am not very systematic about my collections of quotes and poems. Most of them are in document folders on my PC but those folders aren’t very well organized. And many of the poems are only on my blog — so far.


  2. Another lovely poem for me to put into my notebook where I keep such things. I think some of the most touching poems seem to be about Autumn ( or, in this case, Indian Summer).

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  3. This is wonderful! But it’s early yet – how do you know another warm spell won’t come? As for New England, Tasha Tudor insisted that – and she was in Vermont – real Indian Summer didn’t happen until November. We do sometimes have lovely weather in November, but this October and last year’s seem cooler than normal to me, and how can November be nicer than October?

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    1. I hope we get something like that! I put Indian Summer in quotes because in California it’s not technically Indian Summer. It’s just the way it always is in October. But we did have some very cool weather, during which I laid a fire in the wood stove and steeled myself not to light it, because I saw the forecast. Then, this very short warm spell — only two days. I should look back at my old blog posts and see if we ever enjoyed anything like a true Indian Summer in November…


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