November is here.

Nothing could be more pleasing than to have rain in the night and morning, followed by sunshine and blue skies. The cold air smells delicious.

I walked in the garden to cut zinnias and pick up pineapple guavas from the ground. I cleaned all the redwood twigs out of the fountain, which has been turned off for a couple of months, and filled it from the hose. It’s now bubbling and the garden sounds normal once more.

There have been years when not one guava got ripe, but this year I’ve had many, and big ones. Usually I just scoop with a spoon out of one at a time, but yesterday I took all the flesh from ten or so into a bowl, and ate the lot with cream.

November is here!

9 thoughts on “November is here.

  1. Nice that you still have a few blooms in the garden.
    I have never tasted a guava. I doubt that the ones in our supermarkets taste like one ripened on the tree.


  2. I know I live in a different climate zone than you, but here in my part of the country, and perhaps all over the southeast or even the east…November is a most stunning month of light. I call it the light and glory month. Yes, the days get shorter, but just go outside and see the way the light relates to everything. It is amazing and unique.


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