Needles + ice = grapes.

What the weather did up at Pippin’s place (far northern California) where they recently had a great dumping of snow. I’ve been shivering in our very cold rain and hail, and we have snow on the low hills visible from here, but I have no exotic pictures of my own to display. Scout knew I would like this one and asked his mother to send it to me. ❤


8 thoughts on “Needles + ice = grapes.

  1. Brrr, that’s cold! When I saw a news story on TV yesterday about the California snow I wondered about you and also about blog friend Sheri who lives in Northern California. I watched video of the almond groves in full bloom and prayed they would be okay. Unbelievable that there was even snow in LA. How exciting for all the kids but hope its damage is limited.

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  2. Oh, what beautiful ice formations! We have actually had snow here today, after a winter with negligible amounts. It’s not much, but cold enough to make it last until tomorrow. A larger amount predicted for Tuesday!

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  3. Just so you know, the mountain laurels that were ice covered not so long ago are blooming now, and despite our freeze, the azaleas and wildflowers are doing fine. There’s some browning along the edges of blooms and such, but it’s always great to be reminded how resilient plants can be.

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  4. We had ice and the kids got two snow days, plus a day off – “5 day weekend”. Very early on Thursday, our power went out for just over 10 hours… However, the majority of that was with kids asleep.

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  5. It’s been interesting seeing the weather events in California these past days. Pretty photo. It’s snowing here this Sunday morning as I type. It will make for an interesting ride to church.

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