Cat Under Utilitarian Art

When I was taking pictures of the latest pair of potholders–these only took about five years to complete–Gus came to investigate, and struck a playful pose, so I decorated him with the artwork. I admit that I got the idea from the kitty over at Bread on the Water who was getting in on that art display.

Many years ago I was really in the potholder business. They were a perfect craft to work on while I sat at folk dance classes, drama lessons, Spanish classes…all those activities where I didn’t want to read a book when other mothers were chatting. Everyone needs potholders, so they made handy gifts, and I had plenty of leftover fabric from a lifetime of sewing.

Then for my 50th birthday a friend took me to the quilting shop and bought me some fabrics just for this purpose. I got excited and collected even more color-coordinated materials dedicated to potholders. Now I have a big plastic tub of the stuff, including many hotpads in process, and no likely time for working on them.

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