Beach Season

It’s beach season here. Other than late summer and fall, the beaches are too cold and/or windy, and in early summer too foggy, to be reliably enjoyable. At no time of year is the water very warm: the ocean current flows from the north, which makes it chillier than on the coast of Norway, its beaches benefiting from water coming the other direction.

When we drove out to the beach for a birthday party the roadways were thick with Queen Anne’s Lace. If I’d been alone I’d have been very late for the party from stopping to take pictures. One guest brought a stem of it.

Of course, flowers love to grow at the beach cottage, too, and the young girls love to make bouquets.

After eating we walked down to the beach.
Years ago our friends released some domestic geese into the lagoon and we think it is their descendants who mingle with the indigenous fowl.


The young folks were playing a game
something like the Dr. Pepper of my grammar school days.

This rascally boy had something to do with his sister getting wet and annoyed.

He was with us and made it a lovely day.

2 thoughts on “Beach Season

  1. What a beautiful post – the water is incredibly inviting even though it looks a bit cold! I wish I was having my Labor Day cookout on the beach instead of in our backyard – easier cleanup and more room to play!


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