Late September Garden

I’ve been enjoying my own garden today, and took a few photos to document the changes going on.

The echinacea is still blooming, but you can see shoots of Dutch Iris coming up nearby. And beyond that, yarrow that never bloomed this year. That must mean this bed is shadier than ever.

We get pine needle drop at this time of year. What a mess, covering pots of succulents, campanula, sweet woodruff, and other things, and hanging from the branches of the rhododendron. If I had any grandchildren around I’d pay them to collect needles.

Here is some kind of salvia that is at the peak of bloom right now. It doesn’t mind some shade, and grows near columbines.

My Swiss chard is ready to pick. I’d like to make a tart with it, such as I ate once at an Italian restaurant. Has anyone a recipe for something like that?

5 thoughts on “Late September Garden

  1. I don't know of an Italian tart, but I know the way my Italian mother used to fix the stalks, which she learned from her father.

    Trim the leaves away and cut the stalks in about six inch lengths. Par-cook the stalks lightly until they are just flexible, then cool completely and pat dry. Dredge in flour, then in egg beaten with a little water, then in cracker crumbs or Matzo meal seasoned with salt & pepper. Fry gently in a skillet in olive oil and butter until golden; drain on paper towels. This is the epitome of “comfort food” for me!

    I've fixed cauliflower this way for parties. My mother told me my grandfather used to cook young dandelion flowers this way, too, but I haven't tried that yet 🙂



  2. What a fun recipe someone has left for you. The chard stems sound fun…if some momma or grandmomma comes over and makes those for me…but wait, how would I ever figure out how much food value they have? I like to stuff chard leaves, have I ever made those for you? brwon rice and egg and sauteed onions and fresh dill and walnuts and cottage cheese.

    The tarts sound good too. You don't need a recipe…
    I'll make one up for you:
    Make your nice homey pie dough and line little tart pans…Lightly steam however much chard you just picked …then chop it up. Sautee a red onion ( or yellow or nice green ones, or scallions…how about garlic, shall we put that in?) Beat up several eggs and some cream or arf n arf, or 2 % milk if you must and some crumble or grate a nice cheese of your choosing…a gruyere? feta? parmesan? pine nuts…yum they might be nice..herbs now let's see fresh basil and marjoram and oregano, Want to chop up a little parsley..hey wait a minute who is doing the sous cheffing? Who is cleaning up? You, okay good..mix all those wonderful ingredients together, put a lid on that tart.. . and bake it until it is golden brown and has puffed up a bit. Tell me how they turn out. Mail me one?


  3. You cooks are very kind! I was just lying in bed a while ago concocting my recipe, but I didn't remember walnuts until J. mentioned them. So…I am making progress. Thank you all, I will definitely post any results of this experiment.


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