What I Will Miss

I’m driving home tomorrow, and look forward to seeing my
dear husband, and cat, and garden. Also joyfully anticipate going to church!






But I will miss:
1) The quiet and understanding presence of my daughter.





2) The soft cheeks of Baby C., the sweet smell of his head, and milk on his breath.

3) The calm and contented feeling that comes when Baby falls asleep in my arms.

4) The deer grazing and ruminating on the lawn front and back. It’s their home, and the fawns even take naps out the back door.

5) The forest.

6) Three cats who are different “people” from my cat. The one pictured here is Hannah, who lost an eye to an infection as a shelter kitten.

7) The whistle of the train as it passes several times a day.
Right now I’m just very grateful for the past twelve days. Glory to God for all things!

7 thoughts on “What I Will Miss

  1. So glad Baby is here safely – praying you have a safe journey home and a happy reunion with your husband. Familieis are SO precious- a true gift of God! blessings x


  2. Your daughter is going to miss you so much. My mom came for all of my births, too, and it has meant so much to our family. The kids see that their Row Row has been deeply in love with them from their first moments.

    Your grandson is so sweet.


  3. I'm sure you'll be missed, too!

    Your daughter appears to live in a wonderland–what beauty (especially that baby)! Still, it's so nice to come home. I love visiting people and getting inspired by other lives and other visions, but I'm always so glad to walk through my own front door.



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