Down Day

A nearly sleepless night following an exhausting day yesterday, made for a day where I felt dreadfully slow, and sickly in various ways, and wore my dunce cap all day, too. I lack good judgment when my body is this tired. That is, I can’t think well enough to know how to minimize the bad effects of extreme fatigue, and decision-making is a challenge. Last time this happened to me I went shoe-shopping because I had a birthday discount coupon at my favorite store, and I ended up spending a lot of money on the wrong thing, and could not get it back.

So at least I knew enough not to go to any stores. But I didn’t take a nap, because I thought, “Naps don’t usually work for me.” Now I think it would have been worth a try. I didn’t spend any money online, either, so that was good. I managed to come up with some short comments on other people’s blogs, but I couldn’t write anything long and thoughtful, so as to make progress on my book reviews, for example.

I accomplished about a tenth of what I’d put on my to-do list yesterday. I stayed home and did a little laundry, a little sorting of this and that, and I deadheaded the tea roses. I also picked a couple of rosebuds to add to this bouquet I started yesterday, from some of the things blooming in the yard.

Now I have taken my Benadryl, to make sure that I sleep deeply. I had to take it early, because it takes a good twelve hours to get out of my system. Tomorrow has its own long list of projects and I don’t want to risk another day down. Thank God I can afford to have a surprise slow day and not make a lot of people suffer for what I didn’t do.

If this quote from Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin and Hobbes, is true, “God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind that I will never die,” then I will wake up again tomorrow and be delighted to see that my dunce cap is no where to be seen. 

9 thoughts on “Down Day

  1. I have those days, too. I get a bit frightened when I am running slow and frustrated when the expectations are high and I'm struggling to meet them. I'm glad to hear ambitious and productive people like you experience these days of fuzzy tiredness like I do. Sometimes it's hard for me to be patient with myself or rational and then He reminds me of His unique time line. Whew. Your flowers are stunning!


  2. I deal with insomnia quite often and know what it's like to go through a day or two in a fog. I hope you got the sleep you really needed. Benedryl is a great idea.


  3. Insomnia is hard! I have struggled with it too. Good for you for resting.

    Am reading a really interesting book right now, titled _The Hidden Link Between Adrenaline and Stress_ by Dr Archibald Hart… a good friend of mine recommended his books to me for anxiety (which insomnia is often linked to) and it is really good; I feel like it is a missing 'how to' book on life in this century! Eventually I hope to do some book reviews about these books, but you can look them up and read parts of chapters, which is what I did before buying them…

    Anyway, this book is esp. good for those of us who find ourselves with a lot to do!

    Hope today is a better day for you!


  4. Story of my life. Or almost. I wish I was one of those people who can be fully awake all day with full use of their mind after 7 or 8 hours of sleep. I need at least 9, which I don't usually get.


  5. I have these fuzzy days too. You're wise to stay at home 🙂 However, I'll say that the vase of flowers belies your addled-headedness. They look bright, perky, ready for action!


  6. I hope you have had a much better day today and that tomorrow will be absolutely fabulous!! I get down days, too, and they usually include a bad headache. I love the variety of colors in your lovely bouquet.


  7. Loved your Bill Watterman quote.

    A quote that came to my mind after reading your blog entry was from Anne of Green Gables,”…isn't it nice to know that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”

    I am hoping today is a clearer day for you.


  8. Well, GJ, I'm feeling humbled indeed now that I have visited your blog. It is like stepping inside a hushed and hallowed library where the very air whispers life in many voices! I don't think you should stoop to the muddy crunch underfoot at Strawberry Land at all- though of course I'd be delighted to pull up a weathered garden chair for you any day when you need to snooze! I am searching my settings to find cookies, but at this rate I should just bake some! Support team definitely needed on this one!


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