10 thoughts on “Abundance and a New Year

  1. If you look on the website I gave the link for, you can see the whole thing–why my picture is cut off at the top I don't know–and it seems to be called Christ Enthroned in His Creation.


  2. Really, is it really the official day of the start of the church year? This is a challenge to me amongst many threads of thought in my muchly more disorganised mind than yours! My 1st September has been all about boys and thoughts of making ice-cream. I have yet to clean up dinner things and sew another dose of labels on uniforms- so I'm saving last Thursday's post to read when I will be done, but I'll be meditating on today's post until then! Thank you, for all this thinking and expressing and prompting. It gives me hope!

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  3. Happy New Year! I love that icon as well… for all its movement, it is peaceful.

    I feel like the day came and went without much notice to the liturgical calendar. It's been one of those weeks.

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  4. Hi there…coming back for the fourth time to look at the lovely icon…still don't have anything to say that adds up to the see- through-reminder of the glories of our Creator touching down amongst the reality of His vibrant creation….but I have “thanks yous” to Him and to those who in myriad ways refect and transluce the Light of Life…and you are surely one of those in my life.

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  5. Oh, yes! I love September. It is my birthday month, so always a beginning for me. We're learning Latin words at school and there are so many church words that come from the Latin and Greek. It's fun to talk about with the students. Are you enjoying your happy kitchen? I bet you are.
    What are you reading?

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