Book Page — and Looking Ahead

Whew! It took me hours, but I finally got the Books and Reviews page updated. It is linked from the sidebar at left in the list of Pages on This Blog, along with the Recipes. So far I have only those two extra pages, but I hope to add a couple more eventually. Today was a chore because after I searched through two years’ worth of blogs to find what reviews might exist, and created the links, the whole mess disappeared. Tonight after dinner, while my husband was figuring out his new cell phone, I did it all over again and managed not to lose it.

It appears that 2009 was a better year for reading and reviewing. That isn’t surprising, as I’ve had so much else going on this year to keep my mind and attention in other places. I wonder what 2011 will bring?

Just this week I’ve been meditating on the benefits of using up the food I have in the cupboards and freezer while I resist the impulse to stock up, a practice that isn’t necessary or even helpful for our shrunken family. While I was plotting how to simplify this way in the kitchen, I read a discussion among avid readers about the advantages of re-reading good books. No doubt there would be a lot of nourishment for my mind and heart in doing that, and I’m looking at the shelves with the renewing of old literary friendships in mind.

There is no excuse for me complaining that I don’t get to read enough — just look at all the fun I’ve been having just in the last two years. I should go to my paper records and put more titles from the last decade into digital form just for the joy of remembering all the book food I’ve tasted and loved.

Anyone who has a book collection and a garden 
wants for nothing.

5 thoughts on “Book Page — and Looking Ahead

  1. I just read a book that was lovely and interesting in so many aspects but ultimately is not beneficially digestible.

    While the quest for new good books continues, rereading known good books is a sound choice…just like certain kinds of toast.


  2. What a lovely quote…books and gardens are pretty important in my house! We have a library across the street.
    In your previous post, I enjoyed seeing the bicycle photos…I've been cycling to work this fall, not everyday, but I appreciate much more, the trees, the people standing waiting for a bus and saying “Goodmorning” to everyone I pass makes me feel good.
    I am also a milk-lover. I think raw milk is better, because the enzymes help you digest it!


  3. I would like to re-read more than I do. I can never decide. For instance, it's been fifteen years since I've read Anna Karenina, and I would like to read it again, but shouldn't I read War and Peace (which I've not read) instead?

    Food for thought …



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