Last (late) report on wet spring

I’m in Maryland as I write, but I just have to post a couple of pictures of the California scened as it was just before my departure day.

It had been so cold that I was able to enjoy a fire in the wood stove on my birthday — a first! and so rainy, that the Iceland poppies and even ranunculus were always drooping their fragile petals under the weight of water.

Maybe this rainbow was a signal of the end of the rainiest season. It’s lucky I was the one driving the car when we saw it so I could make the decision to stop and shoot.


Even in the midst of rain the tulips I’d planted at church last fall seemed better able to hold their heads up. I had forgotten that I’d planted them which made them even more of a joy. They probably will be gone by the time I return, because the weather turned balmy.

Maryland weather also changed since last week. I couldn’t take as many neighborhood walks I was hoping for because we had “wintry mix” of rain, hail, sleet and snow. But on The Lord’s Day it turned, and in spite of thunderstorms last night the temps are in the 70’s today and we went for a long walk.

But to finish up my report of last month, I want to tell you about our new coffee press. We had an old black Bodum something like this; we’d had it for at least 15 years, but I banged it against the bottom of my new sink and broke the spout one night. B. ran over to Target and found a new one for about $20, and I didn’t complain about the fact that it was red and didn’t really go with my new kitchen. It would be in the cupboard most of the time anyway. A few days later B. broke the spout of the new red one ! and I steered us to a different Target where they had more colors, including orange, which fits in better. And now we will both treat our coffee press like fine china.

Monday is a school day for all the grandchildren here, which gives me some time to finish this blog post. I haven’t yet figured out if I can upload pictures to this computer, but there’s not much time left now before I go home, so if I make a report of my family visit here it will probably have to wait until then.

This modern phenomenon of being able to be in Blogland no matter what other spot on the globe one might occupy is really fun!

7 thoughts on “Last (late) report on wet spring

  1. I figured I'd comment about your comment on my blog post here instead of on my blog. I didn't know if you'd see it or not. Thanks for recommending Patrick. I like Stephen Lawhead's writing and will read this one. When are you going to Ireland? I want to go soon, too!


  2. It is fun to be able to blog while away from home. Kind of keeps you a little bit connected.
    We broke so many of those glass coffee presses too. Finally, a few years ago, we were in Starbucks (of all place – we don't even like their coffee!), and they had a solid, stainless steel coffee press, for $40 or so. It was so worth it, b/c we'll never break it. So, if you crack this one, maybe consider a metal one 🙂


  3. Isn't orange wonderful? I love it!
    Oh, I hope your visit continues to hold glorious granny time and more walks. Spring is so weird here in Colorado. Snow yesterday, green grass today. Your California tulips are so hearty! Mine are always a bit skinny in the stem.


  4. I'm wearing what we used to call pedal pushers when I was a child. I tell you this so you will know the weather…or if you looked at the pictures I posted of yesterday you have seen the weather! Wish you were here as in all the way here.

    I imagine there is a lot of happiness in the town next to mine: you think?

    Blogland…Is that like Legoland for grownups?


  5. I like the orange coffee press. Good thing you broke the others so you could have one that coordinated with the new kitchen. French pressed coffee is really the best, isn't it?
    OH those tulips!!!!



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