Summer Breeze

It was a taste of summer today, and I mostly felt it in the evening, when the warm breeze kept the air balmy, and little girls pedaled their Raleighs up and down the neighborhood streets all in their short skirts. Pearl and I sat on the front step at dusk drinking our tea and enjoying the softness. This all makes me think of long-ago days before I lived in a city with too much coastal influence, where the fog comes in and the thermometer drops well before suppertime even in high summer. It was…I groped through my mind for the right word…transporting.

Tonight there are likely going to be thunderstorms again, and tomorrow the weather will demand sweaters and leggings once more. But it’s been lovely.

5 thoughts on “Summer Breeze

  1. In Maryland! Wow. I won't pry to ask how far from me. Will you be attending any parish's while here?

    Yes, it was balmy today. Looking forward to tonight's thunderstorms but not driving down to church tomorrow morning in the rain.

    Enjoy your visit here. Things are just starting to turn green.


  2. It's funny — now that you're on the east coast, your weather is exactly the same as mine in NC 🙂 Warm, balmy day, heavy, warm evening, thunderstorms coming, cool tomorrow.


  3. Our days too…warm, sunny, bare feet on Monday then winter coats on Tuesday.

    Lent. I appreciated your comment about the cake and Lent so much. Giving up desserts seems trivial indeed when I think of what He did for me.


  4. What lovely evocative descriptions you give us of your softening evenings.
    We are predicted a high temp of 90 today. I'm not ready for spring to leave yet — with summer hot on her heels.


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