Cold Snap Gardening

As I was about to stick a gazania into its hole next to the church parking lot, I got a call on my cell from my husband, telling me the weather forecast: it’s supposed to snow down to 3500′ tonight. I immediately thought of Pippin, who is weary of the cold, and wondered if she is getting snow tonight.

I was a bit chilly myself, but at least I had gone back in the house to put on more layers before driving off with my garden tool kit, because there was no sunshine or warmth. And it didn’t ever get up to 60° today.

The north wind was blowing, but the filtered light was perfect for taking pictures of all the flowers there at church — if my shutter could keep up with the fluttering of blossoms.

Look! A hose is lying around even at church; someone was washing her car nearby.

There are several people who do yard work on the property, but I pretty much take care of the containers. Several times a year everything I’ve planted seems to look good together, but often things are a bit ragged or odd.

Today I added some snapdragons so that when the poppies and pansies expire from heat, perhaps the snaps will be making a show. I planted a lovely pink geranium in an empty clay pot.

I haven’t had much to do with this rose display lately, but we all are currently raving over the giant apricot irises.

My favorite cistus

At least the cool weather makes the Iceland poppies happy. I found out that the small orange-flowered perennial on the right is helianthemum, and from searching around on the Net I think this one is called Chocolate Blotch.

I know there was noise of traffic on the street, but it was a long time before that entered my consciousness. I heard mourning doves as I was wiggling clover roots out from the bed of ajuga. The neighbors seem to have a new bird, which I couldn’t see, but it cried like an angry peacock. Bird calls impress on my brain more easily on cloudy days.

Three hours is about my limit for at stint at church, weeding, planting, trimming, feeding, and carrying buckets of garden waste to the compost heap. All the bending and stooping must be worth a few pilates sessions; I recover by walking across the property to the next half barrel or perennial bed.

But this afternoon when I pulled into my own driveway and saw all the weeds in the cracks, I couldn’t bear to go into the house until I had hacked away at them for a while. Now I’m hoping to rest up and stretch out enough to have stamina for Vigil this evening.
I checked the weather, and it looks like Pippin will likely be having “snow showers.” That girl needs a greenhouse. But here, of course, we are not that high, or cold. So I can say, bring on the thunderstorms!

8 thoughts on “Cold Snap Gardening

  1. What beautiful flowers, especially those poppies — I have a thing for poppies! It's cold here, too — in the mid 50s during the day…and this after 96 degrees just four days ago. Now we are freezing…but I too did some cold snap gardening today. Once I was working a bit I warmed up!

    Thanks for visiting my blog…it's lovely to meet you here!


  2. The poppies caught my eye, too. We have some here that get planted around town in a “wildflower greenbelt” but they are always red, which are beautiful, but not the variety you have. You are caring for so many flowers I have never seen before so I especially enjoy seeing all of these.

    It is cold even here (low 70's) for Texas. It was so cold that I spent several hours in the sun thinking nothing of it and have one of the worst burns EVER. It has been miserable.


  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I'm so glad you share your gardening endeavors here; the photos bring a smile. I love gardening & wish I had more time for it. Our sage has never looked more beautiful than this spring- sometimes I think the rougher the winter, the more it thrives!


  4. I told Mat. Ann that the “yard” at church is so beautiful, and that I was grateful for the crew. Even when things aren't in bloom, it's so peaceful in the garden, even walking next to it under the arbor. Thank you for taking time for it.



  5. Wonderful photos, GJ!! Those flowers look so much like dresses to me. Why is that? Crinkly crepe, purple taffeta, and the roses are silk maybe? I bought rock salt today to take care of our weeds on the patio and front walk. Adam did this last year, sprinkling salt, and I thought he was nuts. But the salt killed the weeds, and kept them gone all year – and so cheaply!


  6. Oh my! What pretty flowers, especially the apricot iris! I have never seen such a color on iris. Stunning!

    We had snow in the higher hills here this past week. But now wind, cold, and rain. Ah, spring.



  7. Your flowers are beautiful! I'm growing a lot of flowers in container this year; do you have any advice? I've been fertilizing every two weeks and trying to keep them watered but not over-watered. So far everything but the columbine is doing well. I don't know what's upsetting the Columbine. Maybe too much sun.



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