Snails and Schist Story

with arugula flowers

A few years ago Soldier son gave me a lovely piece of schist, a rock slab that he brought from the mountains for me because he knew I would love it. And I did. It isn’t the sort of stone you can use for a path or a table or anything, because it’s too thin, so I leaned it against the fence for decoration.

All the snails in the area thought I had made that arrangement just for their sakes — the perfect snail house. I think I even posted a photo of it here once before. Oh, yes, here it is, last April.

When I was trimming the honeysuckle this week I thought I would check behind my rock for snails, and this time there was a cute little colony of them. I laid the slab down on the ground so that I could take their picture, which you see here.

I went into the house for my camera, snapped the photo, took the camera back, and got on with my pruning job. Crunch. I had stepped right on to the schist and broken it into many pieces, of which I decidedly did not want to take a picture, because it would be too sad.

6 thoughts on “Snails and Schist Story

  1. Oh no! I'm sorry! If you're like me, you treasure things not for their worth but because you're sentimental about them. In this case, because your son gave it to you. I'd be extremely sad, too!


  2. I'm glad you got the picture of the schist with the snails before you stepped on it. I'm sorry that you broke your pretty rock from your son. Maybe you can gather up all the pieces and put it into a clear jar and look at it.


  3. I hadn't thought about it until today, but I'm a fan of schist. I'm sorry to hear of your schist-related troubles.

    I suggest some plaster of Paris in a mold, place all the pieces in as a mosaic.


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