Keeping the tomatoes straight

[Picture of bee on lavender is down the page]

Brazilian Beauty

This spring we planted seven new varieties of tomatoes, and a total of ten plants, which is the most diversity we’ve ever had in all our 35 years of backyard tomato-growing. I know from the past that it can be hard to keep track of what fruits we are harvesting, because long branches start to criss-cross each other.

So I planted the cherry types alternately with the slicers, and the non-red next to the red ones. Still I needed markers to help me identify which unfamiliar red slicer is which, and I made these labels.

Northern Lights

In the recent past I’d taped labels to the cages or stakes, because when they are in the ground they get lost amid the branches or stepped on and broken. Last year’s name tags faded into illegibility, though, so this year, hoping to prevent that, I used some narrow masking tape and black Sharpie to form the letters — that’s why they are so big and blocky.

Some of the varieties are: Sun Sugar, an orange cherry that we grew last year and like even better than Sungold, Czech Bush,  and Ailsa Craig. The types we’ve grown before are Persimmon, an orange slicer, Early Girl, our all-time favorite, and Juliet, a large grape cherry.

Mr. Glad wanted to plant two Juliets just in case everything else fails. So far, everything else looks very good.

There are lots of honeybees in the yard which makes me feel good about the world. I took about twenty shots of them on the lavender so that I could post one happy picture.

3 thoughts on “Keeping the tomatoes straight

  1. Yay for your honeybees! And Yay for luscious lavender. I want some lavender in my yard too. Your tomatoes are fine. Will you be canning them?


  2. I just love homegrown tomatoes and I have eleven plants in my little spot. I LOVE Beef Steak tomatoes (mine is called Beef Master) and of course, the grape tomatoes can't be beat. I have 4 Early Girls (I think). Like you, I need to go put labels on my cages before the plants get too big. I planted them deep in the soil so I've got time yet since they aren't very tall.

    I agree with you that bees mean things are right with the world.



  3. I've lost count of all our tomato plants, but I'd reckon there are around ten. The Man keeps detailed charts, so we usually know what's what. When I get back from the beach week after next it's going to be time to start canning–the girls are big and green already!


    p.s. I like your lettering!


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