Almost Perfect World

Yesterday I got up on the wrong side of the bed. A cup of tea seemed to be in order, and when I saw the special tea blend from Germany, “Perfect World,” I knew it was the right morning to open that package.





There is no ingredients list. I sprinkled some leaves out on a plate to give it a look. There are chamomile flowers there, I can see that much.

I poured boiling water over the herbs in a measuring cup, and brewed it what turned out to be too weakly. After a few minutes I put the pretty liquid in a pretty teacup for beauty’s sake. That wasn’t enough tea to direct my mood in any way. I’ll have to try it another time, stronger and in a big mug.

Today I woke up again. Almost before I figured out what side to get out on, my dear, sweet-hearted, only-beloved husband brought me flowers. It’s been a nearly perfect day so far.

7 thoughts on “Almost Perfect World

  1. What lovely roses! I've been drinking Camomile tea my whole life, ever since my German grandmother gave it to me.
    Hope you are feeling better.


  2. I can relate to those “waking up on the wrong side of the bed” days…

    When we're in a vulnerable and weak place in life, what a gift and how precious it is to be encouraged and strengthened by our husbands. Your roses are beautiful! ❤


  3. Sometimes just making the choice to drink my morning drink in a beautiful cup lifts my spirits. So wonderful that your husband brought you unexpected flowers. How could that not bring a smile to anyone's face?


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