Babies don’t care a whit…


…about your politics or theology. They don’t know if you are fat or having a bad hair day or if your clothes don’t match. You can talk nonsense and they won’t get bored or irritated. Little Liam is a proper baby and is fun to be with — no social stress. He doesn’t think I’m weird — come to think of it, he doesn’t think about me at all in the way we adults do, though he is taking me in.

A Triple-A baseball game was the place where Liam and I had a good time on Sunday. We Glads drove to Sacramento for an evening River Cats game — they were playing the Reno Aces — and sat with Soldier and Joy and the boy on a fairly steep grassy slope overlooking the outfield. It was green all around, and very warm. Baseball feels right when the air is summery.

Compared to San Francisco Giants ball games — the ones I’ve been to most often — it was quiet and laid-back and uncrowded (and the opposite of foggy-by-the-bay). So relaxing. Liam didn’t care that our team lost. He was busy checking out the grass under the quilt his mama had spread out, and doing crawling experiments: how to maneuver uphill or down without doing sudden somersaults or rolls.

Eventually he had a snack of mango, using his father for a backrest. And after that my youngest grandson had become used to me again and didn’t mind a bit when I pulled him on to my lap for a session of clapping and finger games. Soon we were laughing and shrieking and talking plenty of nonsense together. It did this gramma good.


14 thoughts on “Babies don’t care a whit…

  1. You're so right — there's a way in the summer that baseball is so perfect and feels like the right thing to watch in the twilight of a day. Your grandbaby is a doll 🙂


  2. How adorable your grandson is! What kissable cheeks! As one Grandma to another – is there anything more wonderful than the joy of nonsense and patty-cake time with grandbabies?!


  3. Forgive me, those of you who stopped by here looking for a contribution to the discussion on The Hidden Art of Homemaking. I got confused and put my URL in the Linky before I had actually written anything pertaining…


  4. I so loved reading this. Isn't it grand, that our littles accept and love us despite our “warts and moles” (so to speak)? Liam is a darling dumpling. Lucky you to spend some grammy time with him.


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