Gardening Notebook

As long as I’ve been trying to grow things I’ve been using pencil and paper in my planning and sometimes to record how long seeds took to sprout, or what date the tomatoes got ripe. I had a box in which I kept articles from Sunset and Organic Gardening, and that box still is overflowing into a closet somewhere, full of ideas I mostly did not use.

A few years ago for my birthday a friend set us both up with pretty binders and colorful pages to go inside, all ready for garden-type information. At first I used lined pages to write lists of plantings and dates, but lately things have degenerated to the point where I just put my tags and labels under the clear sticky page-covers.

This has turned out to be the most successful way to keep track of what is what in the garden, and how long it’s been growing there.The pockets can hold those articles I’ve clipped, or a few seed packets.

It’s still a bit messy and chaotic, which seems increasingly to be my style. If I try to do things neatly and orderly they never get done. Even the creating of this notebook was a little too much like Kindergarten and I felt rushed and inept while we were putting the pages together, but now that I’ve figured out how to make it mine, it works!

10 thoughts on “Gardening Notebook

  1. Love it when a plan comes together!
    I have just got back to noting planting and harvesting and frost dates in my garden notebook. If only I had been doing it faithfully for the ten years I've had the notebook,I would be a much better gardener than I am now..


  2. I think it is lovely. While going through books today I found my favorite gardening journal though not nearly as pretty as yours. I think they are important to look back and see what worked and what didn't.


  3. I am so impressed, GJ. I can't imagine ever keeping such a notebook! I don't think gardening is my thing, although I've enjoyed aspects of it at times. How can I not want to garden myself, but still love seeing others' gardens and the beauty they create? I'm glad I get to enjoy yours (and your joy in it!) from afar.


  4. Gretchen, aren't journals wonderful?! It took me years to realize my journals are just that…mine and don't have to look like anyone else's. It's so much fun to look at what I liked then and what I like now…simple joys and pleasures keep me happiest.


  5. I wish I did a better job of keeping gardening notes. I have some plants coming up this year that are a mystery to me, even though I was the one who planted them last year! I like the idea of an album with sticky pages where I could pop stuff in with ease. Maybe next year~



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