One cupcake on Saturday and treats all week long…

My fortnight with lots of good company has come to an end. Of course I still have my husband who is normally all the good company I need, but it was a very wonderful thing to have our big house used for good purposes. Our guests were friends and family, and even strangers from Ohio and New York lodging here on account of a masters singing class held at my church. During this two weeks came the wave of heat.

One weekend Liam’s parents Soldier and Joy used our house for a birthday party for our little grandson. I love it when creative people decorate my house and take care of all the invitations and food for an event, and all I have to do is provide a relatively tidy environment and clean towels everywhere. In this case I even swept the floor because I knew the guest of honor would crawl all over it.

Frosting the lemon cupcakes

The Very Hungry Caterpillar was the theme for Liam’s party. His mother made the cutest treats and favors and lanterns relating to the story or the colors and shapes in the book. Liam didn’t notice most of it but he did eat most of a cupcake after the candle was blown out by his mother.

Their family had no sooner departed than Pippin’s crowd arrived with Pat. They had come south to enjoy more and different adventures before Pat had to return to MD. Pippin’s little ones are Scout and Ivy, so I was treated to more time with more grandchildren. So sweet.

Ivy scooted around on the floor, too, and tried to kiss the little girl in the dishwasher door.

The heat wave surprisingly extended to the North Coast beaches and we all trekked to one where there was no fog or wind. Barely any sand got into our sourdough bread and cheese and blueberries, and only Scout stood on his head in the hole that the cousins dug.

God gave us a rainbow in a cloud. It was even more brilliant than this but faded somewhat while I rummaged around for my camera.


I took the photo below for Jo in Tasmania where they call New Zealand Spinach warrigal greens. Its botanical name is Tetragonia tetragonioides. It seems to have naturalized here on the coast and this is the second time I’ve seen it on beaches.



Here’s the same plant that keeps volunteering in my garden, amongst the tomatoes and snapdragons:

On the bluffs above the beach, as we were parting with Pat, I got a parting gift in this pale yellow/white paintbrush display in the middle of a coastal flower show. These all were just a few of the pleasures of the early summer – I will tell of more soon.

7 thoughts on “One cupcake on Saturday and treats all week long…

  1. I am so glad you had such nice visitors. Your views are just lovely. It is so nice you know what all of those plants are called and the Latin name. That last photo of the ocean is beautiful.

    I do hope you get a break in the heat. We have a bit one today. It is so nice to breathe.

    Lovely photos.

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  2. Would you look at that? Warrigal greens on the beach! You are so lovely to take a photo for me! I did read that it is also native to Argentina and Chile, so maybe it made its way up from South America? Did you taste it? I found some on the beach here in Tasmania last year, and it tasted salty.

    I LOVE the cupcakes with the cream and flowers and mint. Such a good idea, I am going to use that one.

    Glad you had a lovely time with family. Such cute grandbabies you have!

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  3. Wow, New Zealand Spinach! I haven't thought about that in decades. It brings back my growing up days in the (then) little beach town of Carlsbad where it grew wild. My mom taught me what it was . . . very distant memories.

    How wonderful to have a house big enough to entertain all those guests. I think that would be fun.

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