Flowers cheer me up.

Leaves from the cherry plum tree are piling up in the back yard. I should get out and rake them, but I just look out from my kitchen window, beyond the leaves, and notice the zinnias still climbing, past five feet now. On the windowsill was remains of a three-week old bouquet, so it was time for a new bunch, don’t you think? Some French lavender rounds out the picking.

Out front the Pristine rose is blooming. And recently I planted a spread of violas, with ranunculus bulbs down below in some places.

This is my favorite.

7 thoughts on “Flowers cheer me up.

  1. Flowers do the same for me too. My zinnias need to be pulled out now but I am just not ready to see them go. Your post after this one really stuck a nerve, I know we are supposed to glory in our weakness, but as Father Stephen observes I would rather glory in my strength.
    I remember a woman I greatly respected, once made the observation about me that I was too self confident, instead of God confident. Reading your post on weakness made me see that I do glory in my strength. It is good to be reminded that it needs to be God's strength, like you say, I am afraid I am more like a Pharisee and not at all like a Publican.
    Great thinking post too.


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