Use your small prayer bucket.

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Any prayer is a gift from God. And we, the weakest, have prayer of the lips. For the time being, we fulfill this, my dear. The well is deep, but the rope is short and the bucket is small… Each one does what he can, just as the bee does not take all the nectar from the flower.

But it is very good if you do a little prayer rule. I know this myself: if I get up and do a little of my rule, it seems as if I am a different man all day long. But if you get up in the morning and you whirl around the house – because you have this and that to do – then your whole day goes poorly. So do a little of your prayer rule every day, like the righteous Job, who offered sacrifice every day for his children in case they had sinned in their thoughts.

-Elder Paisius of Romania

6 thoughts on “Use your small prayer bucket.

  1. Beautiful words of wisdom. I have a short list for prayer for each day of the week. It's good to know that each week, I will pray for a certain group at least once. Morning time in the Bible and prayer sets my mind for the day.


  2. I do morning prayers in the car when I'm driving the boys to school. It's a good way to start the day–to feel connected to God and to remember what I'm thankful for and what I hope the day will bring.



  3. This is so true, and one of the sweetest things I've read in a long time. Just tiny bites…thanks so much for sharing.

    Since I began reading the Pilgrim book (in the pile, can't think of the title), I've enjoyed the Elders.

    Many, many thanks.


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