3 thoughts on “The Publican and the Pharisee

  1. I've never seen that Icon – but it is a very nice one. I like that the Publican looks sad, but has a halo, and the Pharisee looks happy, but does not. A great lesson in our times of “feel good” religion.


  2. An icon I've never seen before – what a treat! I was listening to Mussorgsky's “Pictures at an Exhibition” last night, and the comments to it described one of the sections of the piece as being based on a picture of a rich Jew and a very poor one. The music has the rich Jew drowning out the plaintive cry of the poor Jew, and I thought how well that piece goes with this Bible passage.


  3. I started teaching Sunday school last month (the teacher who taught in the fall needed a break) and have been learning so much by teaching the kids (ages 6 to 9). I found out that yesterday was the 1st Sunday in the “Lenten Triodion.” It's so hard not to come to church and think like the proud Pharisee…I will try to be more like the repentant Publican.


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