Like a pair of gophers.

Many people need more sleep than usual during Bright Week, what we call the week after Pascha when the joy and lightness of The Resurrection of Christ are like a wave we want to ride as long as possible. Um…so why would we lie abed? Shouldn’t we be going forth in the power of the Resurrection accomplishing great things?

We are sleeping because we got  v-e-r-y  t-i-r-e-d  during the marathon of services during Holy Week, then stayed up most of the night going into Sunday morning…and we couldn’t sleep a lot extra right away because we wanted to go to the picnic, and Bright Monday services… and because we were high on all that joy. (Also, it’s true, I personally have frequent sleep issues anyway.)

Bright Week has passed, but while it is yet Pascha — until Pentecost — some of us older than forty are still catching up. This poem reminds me a little of me — and some mornings my husband is right alongside, making a pair.

*Weekends, Sleeping In*

No jump-starting the day,
no bare feet slapping the floor
to bath and breakfast.

Dozing instead
in the nest
like, I suppose,
a pair of gophers

in fuzz and wood shavings.
One jostles the other
in closed-eye luxury.

We are at last
what we are:

and breath
and dream.

–Marjorie Saiser


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